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Adopting AI into your customer support team

Rollio AI customer support

Artificial intelligence is here and ready to help your customer service team advance your companies journey to digital maturity. These technologies “perform and/or augment tasks, help better inform decisions, and accomplish objectives that have traditionally required human intelligence, such as planning and reasoning from partial or uncertain information and learning.”

Intrinsically, AI technologies used correctly, will strengthen a company’s competitive advantage and enhance the customer’s experience.

Rollio AI customer support

So how can companies benefit from implementing these technologies:

  • An automated process that can help realize greater efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Augmented decision-making whereby advanced AI algorithms optimize resources and prompt next steps or questions to enhance the customer support teams response
  • A personalized response and service to your customers
  • Timely service whereby the turnaround of information, follow-up calls/emails and responses to additional information are instantaneous.

These solutions can lead to a competitive advantage for customer support organizations through increased efficiencies and a superior customer experience. Furthermore, it may be beneficial to review the sales, marketing and customer service strategies with the goal of integrating AI into these customer facing areas. Companies and customers are becoming increasingly comfortable with AI-derived products and experiences which potentially leads us to experience AI as the norm.

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