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How to Close More Deals Without Hiring More Reps

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Call it efficiency. Call it productivity. Call it the endless corporate crusade to do more with less and do it in every department of the company. Including the department that brings in the revenue—sales.

Just about every consultant and academic on the planet has looked at this challenge. McKinsey, Aberdeen, Harvard Business Review—they all agree that to get more sales without more reps, you need to get more sales from each rep. (As if you need a consultant to tell you that.)

Nobody suggests that you burn out reps, but everyone agrees you can create systems that…

Give reps more time to sell.

Creating selling time is tricky. Some consultants recommend overhauling your back-office staff to provide more support. Others suggest you realign your salesforce to use more inside reps.

But you’ll probably agree it’s a lot easier to look at how reps use their non-selling time, and how much of that time can be transferred to selling. And if your organization is like most, you’ll see that a lot of time goes into updating the CRM.

Some studies say reps spend four hours a week on data entry. Others put the number at over an hour a day. On your team, the number will depend on the complexity of your sales process and the skills of the individual reps.

Whether it’s a few hours a week or a couple of hours a day, you can…

Cut CRM updating time to zero.

The key is a disruptive CRM interface called Rollio. Available as a mobile or web app, Rollio translates a rep’s spoken or texted instructions into inputs.

Reps talk and the artificial intelligence agent populates CRM data fields for your reps. If they leave anything out, Rollio asks for it. In plain language. It’s a lot less maddening than an annoying error message.

Outside reps can use the mobile app to update as they go from one meeting to the next. Inside reps can report activities into the web app and spend more time on activities that drive results.

 Get the most from that extra selling time.

With Rollio, you can configure to record more detailed sales processes, without complicating the inputs. Use this extra detail to drill deeper into your processes and get a better idea of what works.

In fact, companies who have installed Rollio report that their reps now give them 3X more data—and the data is of a higher quality.

Click here or call 301.520.9696 for a demo. Rollio can be working for you in as little as three weeks. Faster than it sometimes takes to hire an extra rep.

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