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Rollio AI scaling customer support

It’s not always an easy answer so let’s look at a few questions to help you decide.

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Rollio AI customer support

Artificial intelligence is here and ready to help your customer service team advance your companies journey to digital maturity. These technologies “perform and/or augment tasks, help better inform decisions, and accomplish objectives that have traditionally required human intelligence, such as planning and reasoning from partial or uncertain information and learning.”

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Rollio Salesforce

Now, as many salespeople do the equivalent to an Irish jig to get out of it when questioned… the facts remain the same, if it’s not entered into Salesforce, it never happened!

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8 Lead Response Secrets to Help You Win

Buyers today do their homework before they talk to a salesperson. If they reach out to

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Rollio Sales Assist winner

Is your team yawning at their desk? Is your Sales Manager bouncing off the walls yelling about sale figures? Are you tired of dragging your feet down the street while your competitors jog past in the latest trainers?

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In today’s service-led and continuous engagement model, customer support and service has become the most significant cog in our customer satisfaction engine. It is well documented that two-thirds of customers who switch brands do so because of poor service.

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We hear there have been developments at Rollio, how has the development process been in the current market?   We certainly haven’t slowed down! Our teams have been working hard to ensure that everything we build comes from data and feedback we gather from our customers. One of the biggest concerns is Voice-to-CRM, which is why we’ve worked so hard to make our speech to text quality accuracy...

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Robot vs human.jpg

We hear all the time that machines are getting smarter. Where once they were only capable of single repetitive tasks, artificial intelligence (or AI) lets them acquire knowledge and experience, “learn” and adapt. All this has created a lot of gloomy predictions. But the reality for B2B sales reps, is a bit more nuanced. The difference between intelligence and sapience.

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Ignite a data-driven, high velocity sales process to deliver Sales Results that thrill your CEO. In our last blog we focused on the first of our series on the Holy Grail for sales VP’s – Accuracy. Check it out here. This time we turn our attention to timeliness. Good data, updated in a disciplined and consistent way, prompts the right follow up step, at the right time.

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Domo Arigato, Siri Thanks to our good friend Apple’s Siri, millions of people speak to their devices like they are a person, and expect to be understood. This thing called “voice recognition,” what Siri uses, has been around for the last few decades in an “almost ready” state – not quite accurate and with limited vocabularies. Since 2000, though, voice recognition has become more accurate and...

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