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When you think of a small business do you think of CRM? No? Well, you’re not alone. We mainly think of large companies when we talk of customer relationship management.

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Today’s B2B buyers expect personalized service and flexible sales processes to help accommodate them. But funnel dynamics keep shifting and processes need to shift with them. For this reason, many are starting to think less about the sales process and more about the sales stack. That is, the technology stack that helps sales teams adapt their processes to drive results. If you answer “no” to...

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We hear all the time that machines are getting smarter. Where once they were only capable of single repetitive tasks, artificial intelligence (or AI) lets them acquire knowledge and experience, “learn” and adapt. All this has created a lot of gloomy predictions. But the reality for B2B sales reps, is a bit more nuanced. The difference between intelligence and sapience.

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8 Lead Response Secrets to Help You Win

Buyers today do their homework before they talk to a salesperson. If they reach out to

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Everyone gets angry from time to time, but how you manage your anger is easily spotted by customers. Excessive anger -- and the inability to calm down -- can throw you off your game, and of course, cause serious health conditions. Think back to the last sales call you had, when you were just on point and saying everything right. Were you slick and in a good mood, or red and fuming? It is...

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The hiring process for a sales rep isn't just an evaluation of the job seeker. As the person conducting the interview, you're also on the hot seat. The questions you ask and your ability to determine the true capabilities of the candidate will lead to one of three outcomes for your company: 1) The candidate is a great hire and contributes greatly to company success 2) The candidate is an...

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Ah, the sales discount. An age-old tool that sales teams have been using for eons to help drive client growth and revenues.For at least that long, sales reps have grappled with how to make discounts work for them. Discount too far, and you're hurting your company's bottom line. Don't bend far enough, and your competitors stand a chance of snatching your prospects out from under you.In an age...

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Measuring your ROI (return on investment) is at the core of the success of your business. But it’s also much easier said than done. Of course getting concrete numbers about the performance of your team's efforts will help to improve your business, but how do you go about acquiring and analyzing that information? The short answer: Use your CRM to full capacity. Salesforce can help you multiply...

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This week we spoke to Russell Davis, a B2B Sales expert. Russell has 25+ years of experience working with startups & multi-billion dollar companies on direct sales & revenue growth strategy. We picked his brain to learn a few tips on Enterprise Sales, and to learn to what or to whom he owes his success to.

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5 Tips To Create Great "B2B" Welcome Emails Congratulations! Your new "B2B," or business-to-business, sales-email newsletter is a hit, and a growing number of subscribers are signing up every day. Don't drop the ball now! The first message you send them after registering, the welcome email, is critical to set the tone and lay the groundwork for a solid relationship... and future sale.

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5 Low-Budget Lead Generation Ideas As any marketer will tell you, having a great product isn't everything. It's just as important to create buzz around your product and company, and to generate strong leads that will translate into sales. This prospect can seem daunting if you're a business with limited resources, since you're expected to compete in a market full of established businesses,...

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