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Rollio and Runyon and Sons Roofing

When we at Rollio got the call from Todd Runyon, Sales Manager at Runyon Roofing, we were very excited to hear where we could help his sales team.

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Rollio AI sales tips

Finding the balance between “successful” and “annoying” can be challenging! If you feel your sales skills are hampering your business’ development, take a coffee break and let’s improve your sales technique thereby increasing the likelihood of converting leads to sales. Keep in mind that curiosity, intelligence and an agile mind are the best predictors of sales success. (Harvard Business...

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Rollio AI CSO sales

COVID-19 has caused economic effects across all industries and countries, sales forecasts are down but more than that, there is an element of entering the unknown. Some companies are comfortable to take a wait-and-see approach whereas others are feeling mounting pressure to cut costs. But where? How do you maintain your budget and deploy your resources optimally?

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Your B2B Sales Funnel: 5 Ways to Create More Customers The goal of any B2B strategy is to generate more leads and more sales. The challenge? It's a buyer's market, and customers are growing more savvy every day. Revenue growth depends on a constant honing of your B2B sales strategy. Here are five proven tips to improve your B2B sales funnel.

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