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Using a CRM system streamlines business and makes team members more efficient, IF used properly. Sadly, some companies spend a lot on a CRM and never get much value out of it. These tips can make using Salesforce easier, and they also apply to other CRM systems.

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On most sales teams, innovation is a loaded word. It drives an expectation that the time lost to learn a new technology will take away from time used to sell. And that the innovation won’t pay off in results. Yet there’s one type of innovation that sales teams embrace. And the ROI is palpable.

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The Perfect Sales Demo & the Art of Storytelling The sales pitch. It's one of the most thought about aspects of selling. It's the part where you have an opportunity to WOW potential clients with your presentation and the chance to strike the deal. The ones who can make this happen aren't the ones who simply read off bullet points from a PowerPoint slide and generically discuss features. They...

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