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NLP Sales and Service Assistant Enters AI Sales Assistant Grid for First Time as Industry "High Performer"

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Rollio and Runyon and Sons Roofing

When we at Rollio got the call from Todd Runyon, Sales Manager at Runyon Roofing, we were very excited to hear where we could help his sales team.

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Rollio AI sales training

Have you ever wondered why some members of your sales team pickup information about your product or your processes faster than others? Why some happily use the tools the company provides, and others do not even go near them?

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8 Lead Response Secrets to Help You Win

Buyers today do their homework before they talk to a salesperson. If they reach out to

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The start of a new sales quarter is always an exciting new milestone, no matter if that means a chance to start fresh or to continue the momentum from last quarter. Beginning a new sales quarter means new leads to chase down, new deals to close and new goals to meet.

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Using a CRM system streamlines business and makes team members more efficient, IF used properly. Sadly, some companies spend a lot on a CRM and never get much value out of it. These tips can make using Salesforce easier, and they also apply to other CRM systems.

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For generations, selling was an art: people selling to people. CRM, on the other hand, makes it more of a science—isolating repeatable processes that work. In this blog, Sam Parker argues that sales is a rocket science that can be broken down to 7 steps. At Rollio, we’ve noticed that CRM can help or hinder every one of those steps. Here are some challenges and how we can help.

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Quick, what do the most successful sales teams have in common with the best comedians? The word “quick” in the last sentence is actually a hint.”

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Look at a successful sales team’s leaderboard and, chances are, you won’t see the sales manager’s name near the top.

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Do more with less! Any company, any department, any day… that seems to be the universal mandate. Just about every business seems to be in corner cutting mode.

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“The vital signs were all good, but the patient died.” Sounds like a strange statement, but it’s happening metaphorically in sales organizations all over the world.

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