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Even the most successful sales people waste time. Sometimes because of outmoded sales practices. Sometimes because of roadblocks that management creates. Here are some common time wasters and how you can remedy them.

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Sam Parker over at has a simple way to help sales managers do their jobs better. He created a checklist. It specifies the 22 issues that should have your attention on a regular basis. They involve people, operations, external relationships and self-development.

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It’s not hard to find opportunities to improve sales performance. Sales cycles can always be shorter, win rates better and sales larger. But sales leaders are expected to “make it happen.” This post on Business2Commuity shows a few places to start. In Harvard Business Review and our own research, we found a couple more.

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Too many qualifying questions are too specific. They’re simple yes/no/dollar/cent questions designed to get basic facts about needs, budget and timing into the CRM. The best salespeople though, draw this information out through open-ended questions—non-specific questions designed to create more of a conversation around the decision process.

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Ignite a data-driven, high velocity sales process to deliver sales results that thrill your CEO. In our last 2 blogs we focused on how accuracy and timeliness with your CRM data can give your team a competitive edge. Check them out here.

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Ignite a more efficient sales process to deliver sales results that thrill your CEO Accuracy. Timeliness. Responsiveness. Not usually words that we associate with fast – moving, profitable and productive sales people. Yet these are the three keys to a competitive advantage that most Sales VP’s believe is their Holy Grail.

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