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Keep Sales Rolling

Get out of your CRM and in front of more prospects with the fastest and most intelligent AI assistant. Just talk or text and Rollio does the rest, updating Salesforce in seconds.


Reduce time waste on manual CRM data entry


Alert reps to update opportunities and follow up immediately after meetings or key events


Increase CRM adoption, data entry, and sales opportunities


Customize to your company’s terminology and processes for quality data and reporting

The Way We Sell Has Changed Forever

Updating Salesforce is as easy as interacting with an assistant.

Just talk or text conversationally like you would with any team member. Using AI-driven Natural Language Processing (NLP), Rollio captures and populates the key information in Salesforce, eliminating time wasted on data entry.

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Rollio also proactively asks for updates and suggests next best steps to close deals.

Intelligent notifications prompt you for information that will enrich opportunities and pipeline. All you have to do is tap the notification, answer, and move on to the next sale.

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How Many Sales Are You Losing Without Rollio?
Rollio frees your team to do more of what they do best – build relationships and close deals.
15-70 seconds

Time it takes to make updates in Salesforce


Sales opportunities created with time saved

Up to 120 hours

Hours given back to each rep per year

See How Rollio Helped Nevco Increase Sales Opportunities by Reducing Salesforce  Updating Time by 50% Read the Case Study

If It's Not In Salesforce, It Didn't Even Happen

CRM adoption is the key to accurate forecasts built on high-quality data.

Rollio’s ease of use and speed encourage interaction and improve adoption, enabling you to gather more data and increase sales through accurate insights.

Stop Losing Deals to your CRM.

  • Only 40% of reps update their sales activities
  • 6 out of 10 stakeholders say they have bad data
  • Rollio can increase Salesforce adoption by 2x
  • 85% to 90% of Rollio users log in weekly

Customize Rollio to Speak Your Language

Rollio isn’t just a Salesforce tool, it’s part of your team.

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Rollio combines knowledge of sales best practices with deep AI models trained on your internal processes, CRM configuration, and company language to empower your team with better data. Customize Rollio to:


Capture the information you need, beyond just required fields


Train on company-specific language, validation rules, and processes


Understand the circumstances that require immediate updates for key or missing data


Predict best next steps that drive deals to close

These Companies Talk the Talk With Rollio

  • aaron_fulkerson

    "Rollio gave our team a level of productivity that we had been aiming for, in such a simple solution. Along with the productivity, they actually gave us the accountability of knowing that Salesforce was up-to-date and updated correctly."

    Aaron Fulkerson | CEO, MindTouch