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Everything you need to get your team
to use your CRM tool and sell more.

Keeping Salesforce up-to-date is now as easy as a text or voice message

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Rollio justifies your CRM spend and helps your team close more deals.

  • More Selling, Less

  • Accurate, Real Time
    Pipeline and Data

  • Happy and Successful



Spend Time Selling, Not Updating

Get back over 100+ hours of valuable prospecting and selling time for everyone on your team. No manual data entry necessary - log or update anything in Salesforce in less than 7 seconds using voice or text message. Simply speak and Rollio will extract the meaningful information and populate the appropriate fields in your CRM, not just the required red ones. 

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Forecasting and Reporting that is Accurate and Up-to-Date

Collect up to 3x more data by increasing adoption like never before. By simplifying Data entry, Rollio ensures that the information is entered where it belongs - hassle free. Additionally, Rollio prompts users to update expired opportunities and critical information with a simple text or voice message.


Talk to Salesforce as you would talk to your friends. 

No rigid syntax or terminology required. Rollio will confirm, prompt, and walk users through validation rules, workflows, and required fields. Whether it is Opportunities, Tasks, Leads, Calendar, Email, or any other custom object and field, using Rollio is as easy as talking to your buddy. 


"We have been using (or should I say paying for) Salesforce.com for a couple years now. We didn’t use it the way we need to. As an analytics company we know all too well that data not in Salesforce is useless and our pipeline is inaccurate. Rollio is actually pretty fun to use, and we feel better knowing that we actually have the data in SFDC. We are actually getting value out of our SFDC costs."

Peter Dean
CEO @ Rendertribe

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Update in seconds with voice and text technology

Talk or type to Rollio on your desktop or mobile.

Intelligent Prompting and Automated Data Collection

Prompt users for critical information as soon as they walk out of a meeting or in certain situation (i.e: case escalates or opportunity is a certain size)

View Activities, Reports, and Monitor your Performance

Rollio will intelligently alert reps with current activities, reminders, reporting information, and everything needed to close more deals.

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