Why Rollio?

Rollio Conversational AI is the simplest way to make Salesforce the single source of truth. We can finally use our CRM like a human being, and stop accepting sub-par CRM clarity as the norm.

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Speak, let Salesforce listen, and it will speak back

More activities and data collected
Hours Gained by users annually
89% +
Weekly Adoption Rate
Why do we care?

Less than 39% of customer activity is ever logged

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On avg it takes 5 days for data to enter CRM and 60% of data is inaccurate or insufficient


Every user spends 200+ hours (1 month) updating Salesforce annually


The Perfect CRM

Every valuable piece of Data is entered and no body argues about time spent keeping it up-to-date

Our World with Conversational AI

A Shift from guesses and opinions, to data and facts - Why we implemented CRM in the first place


Feed your forecasts & reports with 300% more data


Access every bit of valuable data in real-time, data that increases close rates 150%


An influx of data, way beyond the 3-4 required fields from 89%+ of your users


Let sellers sell & service service, with 100+ more hours each per year


“Rollio has increased the amount of time that I have to prospect, 1 hour more a day. I have seen an improvement in the accuracy of the notes that I take, and a reduction in the turnaround time on my quotes.”

Dan Schneider

Sales Executive of NEVCO

At Rollio, we take security very seriously.

Customer interactions are one of the most valuable assets for a business and need to be treated with utmost care. Rollio is SOC2 Type 2 compliant, built on Heroku (owned by Salesforce.com) and passed the Salesforce Security Review.

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