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Artificial intelligence is here and ready to help your customer service team advance your companies journey to digital maturity. These technologies “perform and/or augment tasks, help better inform decisions, and accomplish objectives that have traditionally required human intelligence, such as planning and reasoning from partial or uncertain information and learning.”

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While sitting home-schooling my daughter we started working on a project about the human skeleton. What I found fascinating was how rigid yet flexible the skeleton is and how it caters for all of our different physiques. How it provides the basic framework but still offers enough room for individuality. Many sales processes are designed like a skeleton – very rigid. But what they are not catering...

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In today’s service-led and continuous engagement model, customer support and service has become the most significant cog in our customer satisfaction engine. It is well documented that two-thirds of customers who switch brands do so because of poor service.

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The Perfect Sales Demo & the Art of Storytelling The sales pitch. It's one of the most thought about aspects of selling. It's the part where you have an opportunity to WOW potential clients with your presentation and the chance to strike the deal. The ones who can make this happen aren't the ones who simply read off bullet points from a PowerPoint slide and generically discuss features. They are...

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