Boost Field Sales Efficiency with Rollio AI.

Empower Your Field Sales Teams for Enhanced Productivity with Rollio AI for your Salesforce Sales Cloud. Sell Faster and Smarter with AI-Powered Assistance, Streamlining Deals and Automating Administrative Tasks.

Rollio AI Desktop Customer Service

How can you benefit from Rollio AI?

Rollio customers see huge benefits from using Rollio together with Salesforce Service Cloud. See how you can benefit!


Increase Agent hours gained weekly


More and better data collected


Revenue Growth

Why businesses like yours love Rollio

Now we are experiencing more productivity while servicing customers. We also are able to get our new hires trained and productive significantly quicker.

-Joe Lynch, Vice President

At Rollio, we understand the challenges your sales team faces. Our solution is designed to simplify complex tasks, automate repetitive processes, and enhance productivity across the board.

Explore Rollio to see how it all works. 

Rollio AI Customer Service Copilot

Rollio AI Meeting Assistant

Prepare Customer Meetings with Precision

Rollio AI Meeting Assistant can seamlessly gather client data, past interactions, open opportunities and more and create comprehensive insights for every sales rep ensuring your representatives are fully equipped to tailor their approach and anticipate client needs effectively. Experience streamlined pre-meeting preparation and drive greater sales success. Don’t waste your time collecting information from different sources. Save time and use the Rollio AI Meeting Assistant.

Rollio Conversational AI Assistant

Rollio AI Conversational Assistant

Turn Conversations into Actions

Boost your sales game to the next level with Rollio AI! Our cutting-edge technology generates automated query suggestions based on your situation, role and specific sales region. Receive recommendations and guided conversations to support your daily business. From post-meeting tasks,  documenting visits and calls, scheduling follow-ups, tasks and to-dos, to sharing valuable deal information. Say goodbye to manual note-taking and hello to pure execution with actionable AI at your fingertips. Let Rollio revolutionize your field sales and give you more active selling time. Maximize productivity with now!

Rollio AI Workflow Assistant

Efficient Post Meeting Data Capturing

Is your Field Sales team tired of wasting time on tedious administrative tasks? With Rollio’s Conversational AI Assistant, your Sales Team can say goodbye to the hassle and focus on what really matters – selling and closing deals. Our intelligent assistant automates admin tasks, suggests next best actions and ensures your reps are always at their best. Generate detailed summaries, include action items, and seamlessly collaborate with team members. Boost productivity and revolutionize team collaboration with Rollio AI Conversational Assistant. Explore intelligent automation now.

Rollio AI Enterprise Applications

Connect To All Your Systems

You want Multi-Tasking Skills? You got it! Our AI interface can work seamlessly across all your Enterprise Applications. Get notified about an opportunity you need to update, an offer sheet you need to send to a customer or schedule a follow-up with your prospect in your calendar. Say goodbye to mind-numbing copy & paste and eliminate the need for juggling multiple applications. With Rollio AI, you’ll reclaim precious hours and gain a competitive edge. Regain control of your entire Sales Pipeline – all in one place and one application. Save hours of monotonous work and have more time to outpace your competition.

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A human experience build on AI to keep efficiency high, sales teams happy and data safe, from inside sales to field service.


Prompt & automate fields to reduce manual work to drive business initiatives.


Abstract complex CRM processes into a simple & human interface.


Simplify and automate repeating tasks to reach your numbers and outpace your competition.


Allow admins & developers to focus on infrastructure, not temporary fixes to simplify the experience.

Artificial technology you can trust. Rollio AI is build to protect your business from  day 1.

AppExchange Partner for Sales & Service AI.

Build on Heroku (owned by Salesforce)

Certified SOC2 Type 2 Data Compliance


Why you need Rollio for your sales team.

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