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The data you
need to make decisions...

A human experience that keeps your CRM clean without the expensive inefficiencies.

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Which Products to push? What's the forecast? Which Competitors to track? Which reps produce, which don't?

Winning business outcomes hinge on accurate data.

CRM was built for output.

Salesforce CRM analytics

Not built for consistent human input

The inability to collect clean data is costly.

200+ hours annually is the work time a user spends manually updating salesforce (not selling or servicing). Yet, it's still not enough.

Group 12

"Now we are experiencing more productivity while servicing customers. We also are able to get our new agents trained and productive significantly quicker.

Our agents are able to service our customers with accurate up-to-date information."

- Joe Lynch, Vice President

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Hours gained per week per user



More data collected



Reduction in training costs


Introducing the Human Interface for CRM


Efficiency + Data

Now your producers can literally talk to Salesforce like a 30 seconds:

"Log a call with Craig Doyle we spoke about 3 different funds dbvax...."

"Update my opportunity with Lisa at Smith & Associates change it to stage 5 and the close date is next friday"

ALERT: Your follow-up with Brian Cahill is today. Want to call him?..."Yes and mark the task complete"

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The accuracy, urgency, and ability to make decisions are your competitive edge


  • The best distribution process
  • The best recruiting insights
  • The best hiring plans
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Natural Language to CRM
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Notifications for missing data
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No red error messages
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Access from anywhere

Is your CRM experience built to be data-driven?

Fuel your organization with the data + efficiency to win.