AI to Make Salesforce Simple:

Turn data entry into customer facing time, and resolve missing & out-of-date CRM data with AI-powered voice-and-text to CRM and Process Workflow Automation.

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Rollio Sales Assist


Forecast on data that's accurate and pipeline insights that are always up-to-date, by allowing reps to enter hours of manual data entry in minutes with AI Voice or text to CRM and Intelligent Alerts


Rollio Service Assist


Enable service agents to handle calls faster and capture accurate customer data with workflow process automation and AI data spotting.

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Know the feeling?


Forecasts and reports are missing info or out-of-date?

Stages aren’t updated, expired close dates, and service cases are missing info or logged incorrectly.


Complex processes lead to missed next steps & no notes logged?

We train our Salesforce users, yet data is is entered wrong & adoption is an expensive struggle.


Hours wasted on manual data entry, not selling or servicing customers?

You spend twenty hours every month updating CRM manually, yet we still let deals slip through the cracks.

Keep Sales & Service Simple, without losing needed data and valuable time

Update Salesforce automatically from natural voice and text.


AI populates all fields in opportunities, cases, tasks, and more from mobile or desktop conversationally

Not another tool, a solution to forecasting and reporting


Rollio AI spots inaccurate or missing data to prompt reps to update Salesforce, as well as intelligently suggesting best next steps: follow-ups, tasks, & reminders.


On-Screen Intelligence: Low impact training & high adoption


With workflow process automation, Rollio AI guides users, making Salesforce simple and playbooks easy to stick to

Rollio in action


See how Nevco's sales reps hack Salesforce

See how Rollio gets reps to adopt Salesforce, keep reports up-to-date with accurate data, and makes reps more productive.


"Rollio increases the amount of time that I have to prospect. I see an improvement in the accuracy of the notes that I take, and a reduction in the turnaround time on my quotes."

- Dan Schneider, Nevco Account Executive

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