Mastering Efficiency in Customer Service

Explore the Future of Human-Centered and AI-Enhanced Customer Service with Rollio AI on Salesforce Service Cloud

Rollio AI Desktop Customer Service

How can you benefit from Rollio AI?

Rollio customers see huge benefits from using Rollio together with Salesforce Service Cloud. See how you can benefit!


Increase Agent hours gained weekly

to Zero

Reduce Average Handling Time


Reduce training costs

Why businesses like yours love Rollio

“Instead of searching and jumping from one system to another, our agents can now focus on our clients. Rollio AI helped our agents efficiency immediately.
They really love Rollio AI.”

– Tyler Hazelbaker

Rollio AI Desktop Customer Service

Rollio AI Conversational Assistant

Reduce Onboarding Times

Say goodbye to high churn rates or a limited pool of candidates. With Rollio AI Customer Service agents can reduce the complexity of learning different customer types and call levels or CRM software. Our innovative technology utilizes natural language and AI powered guided conversations to interact with the system, reducing onboarding and training time and costs by up to 50%. Get your team up to speed and comfortable into conversations. Explore intelligent automation now and experience the future of customer service.

Rollio AI Customer Service Copilot

Rollio AI Meeting Assistant

Have the BEST view of your customers

Rollio’s AI powered meeting assistant allows agents to have the most complete view about the caller without clicking and searching through multiple masks. Automatically open a customer record. Rollio AI will create a summary that combines what is relevant for your business, from open topics, open cases, last conversations, etc. and pick up where you left of without a click of a button. Improve your NPS by easily allowing your service agents to understand your clients needs with personal and relevant conversations.

Rollio AI Conversational Assistant

Reduce AHT and ACWT

Your Service Agents have multiple tasks to complete for one customer call within a limited time frame. Reduce average handling time and after call work time by boosting your Service Agents with AI. From automatic content generation to guided conversations, remove all the complexity and redundant steps to achieve your teams KPIs. With Rollio AI Service Agents can provide all the valuable data about your clients, follow-up task, cases and more while they have your customer on the phone, reducing AHT to almost Zero.

A human experience build on AI to keep efficiency high, support teams happy and data safe, from contact center to field service.


Prompt & automate fields to reduce manual work to drive business initiatives.


Abstract complex CRM processes into a simple & human interface.


Simplify and automate repeating tasks to achieve your KPIs in your team and let agents focus on what they enjoy – conversations.


Allow admins & developers to focus on infrastructure, not temporary fixes to simplify the experience.

Artificial technology you can trust. Rollio AI is build to protect your business fromĀ  day 1.

AppExchange Partner for Sales & Service AI.

Build on Heroku (owned by Salesforce)

Certified SOC2 Type 2 Data Compliance


Why you need Rollio for your customer support.

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