Updating Salesforce on Your Mobile Device: Bad for Your Health
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Texting on iPhoneDo you update Salesforce from your mobile device after a client meeting? Think about the number of hours per week you spend doing so. Recent studies have been done to show the negative effects that texting can have on your body.

This article, by AARP, talks about “text neck” and “bum thumb” as two effects of long time phone use. “Text neck happens while looking down at your phone as you text. 90% of people texting do so with their head down, which over time can contribute to complications that could have otherwise been avoided.

“Flexing the neck forward at a 60-degree angle also puts 60 pounds of weight on the spine, leading to degeneration and arthritis.

Imagine for a moment the effect that using text messaging exclusively for mobile communications could have your daily life long term; work, home and at play.  

“Bum thumb” can be described as inflammation in the hands due to repeated and prolonged texting. It is unclear if “Bum thumb” could become as serious a medical issue as the condition “trigger finger”, which results in your finger locking in a bent position and could end up needing surgery to be repaired. Time will tell.

So what does texting posture have to do with a sales software company? Rollio eliminates the need to update Salesforce manually. Using your smartphone, simply say what updates you would like to make and our app uses natural language processing to do the rest. Find out more about the benefits of using Rollio by visiting our website, or, if you are interested in a demo to see first-hand how it works, click here.

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