15 Commonsense Tips for Uncommonly Smart Sales Leaders
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The best sales leaders aren’t just managers. They’re chemists. They mix people, accounts, activities, territories and more to find the best combination for the best results. And it starts with getting the basics right: Management. Innovation. Growth. Technology.

Even If you’ve seen many of these tips before, even if they seem like common sense, they’re worth reviewing. Every item on this list can spark ideas to improve performance.

These tips were curated from a salesforce.com blog featuring a leader of their Revenue Ops Team. The team “operates at 75% no-touch from quote to compensation — on an annual volume that exceeds 1 million orders.”

1. The tremendous value in each member of your team is there for you to unleash.

2. Make it easy for employees to provide feedback, report issues, and share ideas.

3. Empower individuals by giving them a voice.

4. “It’s always been done that way” doesn’t mean it’s the best way.

5. Innovate, ask questions, and challenge the status quo.

6. When you automate a task, you free people to do more valuable work.

7. The best solutions increase productivity now and work for you as you grow.

8. You more successfully improve processes when teams share and test ideas.

9. The focus of any new process is making the account executive’s job easier and faster.

10. A solution that only solves the immediate problem might not be the best solution.

11. Integrate sales technology with other systems to unite back-office and front-office data.

12. Nobody touches a deal once it’s signed. Provisioning, billing, closing, etc. should be automatic

13. Use technology that draws from a single data source, has familiar UIs, and is 100% mobile optimized.

14. Growth-related hypotheticals keep you prepared for new opportunities.

15. Keep your eye customers and prospects; it’s why you do what you do.

If that’s what salesforce automation can do, imagine what automating salesforce automation can do.

If instead of manually entering data into Salesforce, your reps simply speak or text the instructions and artificial intelligence agents enter the data.

Reps spend less time with salesforce automation and more time selling. And you still get the complete, accurate and timely information to find the optimal combinations for success.                             

Ask for a demo of Rollio. It’s a commonsense solution that gives you uncommon results.

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