3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Helps Sales Teams
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At the top of the list of professions that need a human touch you will see sales. Sales is all about human interaction- persuading someone that they need what you are selling. The best salespeople have excellent communication skills to seal the deal. So how can something so in-human play such a vital role?


AI can be integral in the sales process, in fact it doesn’t replace the human seller but rather gives them the tools and insight they need to work smarter, developing better connections while boosting the salesperson’s ability to reach their quota.


Rollio AI helps Sales team


With AI supporting the sales team, their day is streamlined, and they have the all-important information at their fingertips without having to trawl through tattered notebooks or old emails. With this information they can seamlessly update their pipeline and sales forecasting. Ensuring they are being proactive to ever changing market conditions.


  1. Improving customer engagement

Intelligent tools provide the front-line sellers with immediate customer insight that is needed, sometimes mid-meeting, that shows the customer that they are understood, heard and informed. With a complete view of the customer – solutions discussed, all engagements they have had with the company and prompted next steps. This builds trust and loyalty from the beginning.

With insights into opportunities with the highest potential to close, sales teams can focus and prioritize.


  1. Prioritize selling

With focus needing to be on selling, reps are often spending considerable time on manual tasks. Research shows that reps are currently spending only a quarter of their time on actually selling (Forrester). AI alleviates the tedium of manual data capture, helps morale and reduces sales rep churn.


  1. At your fingertips

The guessing game is no longer being played. Machine learning crunches all the sales data about customers, past discussions, deals, costings. With deals being time-sensitive, the chances of you winning a deal decreases exponentially while you ring your boss to check the figures.

Naturally the speed of the sales cycle increases but it importantly shortens the ramp-up time for new sales reps as they are privy to all the previous information and can make an informed decision. Upselling and cross-selling become a natural part of the conversation.


So embrace the AI support and watch your sales figures surge!


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