93% of Salesforce.com Users Report Greater Revenue When
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On most sales teams, innovation is a loaded word. It drives an expectation that the time lost to learn a new technology will take away from time used to sell. And that the innovation won’t pay off in results. Yet there’s one type of innovation that sales teams embrace. And the ROI is palpable.

An astounding 93% of sales teams report that investments in the Salesforce.com ease-of-use increased revenue. Companies that invest in making Salesforce easier to use report also report:

  • Efficiency/productivity gains (90%)
  • Better adoption (90%)
  • Increased visibility (89%) 

Obviously, we at Rollio are not surprised by these results. We’ve seen what happens when Salesforce is easier to use.

Rollio replaces computer inputs with ordinary everyday speech. Reps tell Salesforce their updates or text them in. Whatever they prefer. And our customers see the same ROI:

  • Efficiency/Productivity gains: At one Rollio customer, a major financial institution, Reps gained an extra 100 hours each year to sell.
  • Better adoption: In a world where getting sales reps to update their sales activities is an ongoing challenge, Rollio delivers 50% faster adoption.
  • Increased Visibility: 6 out of 10 sales managers believe they have bad or inconsistent data, but Rolio users say their data is now accurate. And they collect 3X more of it.

The accuracy and quality of data also leaves Rollio users better able to identify, dissect, and duplicate best practices.

Salesforce captures a wide range of pipeline data and crunches the numbers to give sales managers insightful dashboards and reports. A perceptive manager can spot best practices and use it to improve their “sales playbook.”

 They then distribute it to the team in Salesforce’s guided selling / on-demand sales coaching modules. (Best-in-class organizations are 81% more likely to use these tools.) Rollio then automatically reminds agents of important activities and informs them of updated best practices.

 Agents go into every situation knowing what’s been proven to work.

Find out 5 ways Rollio helps your reps to update Salesforce.com. It’s one innovation that will excite your sales team and deliver results for management.

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