Action KPIs Instantly Reveal the Effectiveness of Your Sales Productivity Initiative
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Here are a couple of stats that most companies in our sales technology business would rather you didn’t see:

On average, organizations invest nearly $20,000 per rep per year on sales productivity initiatives. Yet 50% of those organizations have zero or limited means to measure results.[1]

This intrigues us at Rollio because we sell an artificial intelligence agent that specifically designed to improve salesforce productivity. And we want to be accountable.

Our app lets reps update by simply talking or texting. By eliminating the need to log in and navigate the app, it should save reps on average four hours a week.

Measuring the benefit of an extra four selling hours per week.

A geckoboard blog listed a number KPIs that you can use to track the progress of your team towards its goals. Some of these metrics focus on sales productivity. Looking at the list, we notice that certain action KPIs should improve immediately.

An extra four hours per week should deliver immediate improvements in:

  • # Outreach emails sent
  • # Follow-ups sent
  • # Calls made


Which should quickly lead to improvements in:

  • # Meetings conducted
  • # Proposals sent


Discerning the quality of an activity.

The KPIs above, you’ll notice, focus how many activities a rep can perform. However, there’s something to be said for the quality of an activity.

A rep with more time, for instance, may spend more time on the phone with a prospect. Or more effectively curate content for a meeting or follow-up.

Longer term, a sales productivity initiative should deliver improvements in:

  • Individual Sales/rep
  • Individual Win/loss ratio
  • Individual Sales activity (# calls/emails/meetings) vs efficiency
  • Activity per rep vs wins per rep
  • Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) to Sales Qualified Lead(SQL) Conversion Rate
  • Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) to Win Conversion Rate
  • Average sales cycle


Rollio gives your sales team more time to be more productive. The artificial intelligence lets a rep update Salesforce while walking to his car after a meeting, literally by just by talking to the app. This gives them more time to be effective.

And it gives you the up-to-minute data you need to see just how effective they are. Click here for a demo.



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