CRM – Not Just for Managing Client Relationships (although that’s really important)
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The praises of client relationship management (CRM) solutions have been sung by successful businesses all over the world – businesses who have been able to improve service to their customers, make their staff more efficient, and improve sales cycle visibility through CRM adoption.  But, according to an article by Brent Leary of CRM Essentials, if you’re not using your CRM to drive increased sales numbers, you’re missing one of the biggest benefits of all.

The article, 13 Things You Can Do With a CRM System to Increase Sales Numbers, dives into ways to exploit the increased visibility of a CRM to identify “soft” spots in the pipeline and use the data to sharpen your sales model and drive a higher sales success rate.

Today’s business moves at high volume and high speed. Sales people have bigger quotas, bigger territories, and more customer contacts. With so many potential interactions between them and their prospects, it becomes more important than ever to have centralized access to all client information. A good CRM solution, like Salesforce, provides this and more. As a matter of fact, those who use Salesforce see an average revenue increase of 20% and an average ROI of 50% in just over a year*. 

The increased visibility of the CRM lets sales managers track deals in the pipeline in real time, making it easier to make adjustments on-the-fly and develop sales in a dynamic environment. Deploying sales resources can be done more effectively, with an at-a-glance view of all staff allocation.

Mr. Leary’s article goes into more detail, with CRM features like simplified reporting, web-to-lead automation, and partner selling contributing to increased sales. At Rollio, we believe that sales success begins with a simplified way of capturing clients, contacts, and activities, both from the office and on the road. With that rich source of data supporting your CRM, collaboration, nurturing, and pipeline management align to maximize productivity and sales. Learn more about gaining insights from your CRM that drive sales revenues here



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