Do You Know Where Your Customers Are? Get The Tools To Sniff Them Out!
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Rollio’s customers can now benefit from conversational AI that drives Revenue and Customer Engagement Performance
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Do You Know Where Your Customers Are? Get The Tools To Sniff Them Out!

Consumers are more mobile than ever, but does your business have the right tools to get them in the door? Today’s new tech can help you close the deal. Learn how the newest customer relationship management (CRM) solutions bring your sales team and customers together.

A New Day

Gone are the days when the CRM solution was mainly used to track where your salespeople were headed or to provide a mobile Rolodex. Today’s CRM software lets you get to know your customers on a whole new level. Contact information is upgraded to include email, social media accounts, purchase history, likes, flaws in his golf swing and just about any information that’s relevant to your business relationship.

A New Place

You won’t just know who and where your customers are online. With mapping technology, you can see where customers are, where potential customers are, where your competitors are, as well as define new markets and territories, and stay on track with meetings and service calls. At Rollio, we are head over heels for Hubspot, know where your leads are from and WHY they are on your site.

A New Way

All this sounds great, but you might be overwhelmed by all the data. Who puts all this information together? Will it take valuable time away from your sales staff that they could be using to sell?

Time-consuming data entry is outdated. You don’t need all that data entry to take time away from your life or your customers’ lives. Wouldn’t you rather be on the beach? Or perfecting that golf swing?

That’s why we’ve designed Rollio to be your new hands-free sales assistant, just send a text or voice note, and Rollio fills out Salesforce for you. Via Advanced Data Science, there’s no more filling out opportunity forms, or training new reps to use a CRM; just speak or text and you’re CRM is updated. And with all your departments integrated into the system, everyone stays in the loop and gets the job done efficiently.

From leads all the way through to the final sale, you’ll always know where your customers are with the latest CRM technology. Fill your toolbox and your bank account with these amazing new tools.




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