Garbage In, Garbage Out, and Your New Advantage Over 83% of Companies
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Rollio’s customers can now benefit from conversational AI that drives Revenue and Customer Engagement Performance
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Last September we reported that 83% of CIOs said that incomplete and inaccurate customer or prospect data costs their organization money.

Looked at another way, the information in their CRM isn’t up to snuff.

Some data never makes it into the system. Or it gets in there too late. And sometimes the data that goes in isn’t the right data at all. So, sales and customer service suffer.

The twofold challenge to getting clean, high-quality CRM data.

If you were a CIO and you wanted to find the cause of garbagy data, the first place you’d look is the sales team.

They’re the front-line contacts with prospects and customers. They’re responsible for entering every activity and interaction into the CRM.

That system in and of itself creates two problems.

First, entering data isn’t and shouldn’t be a sales rep’s top priority. Every minute that a rep’s not selling is a minute that they’re not driving revenue.

Second, look at the personal qualities of best reps. They’re shun routines. They connect on personal levels.

Does that sound like a data entry clerk?

How a more natural CRM interface improves data quality.

The best sales reps connect with customers emotionally. They listen. They relate.

Their natural workflow isn’t type-type-type. It’s talk-text-talk-text.

And the standard CRM interface, no matter how streamlined it is, disrupts this workflow. It all but forces the best salespeople to be less effective.

Which naturally leads us to Rollio.

No garbage in. You always capture complete, accurate and timely data.

Rollio uses breakthroughs in machine learning and artificial intelligence to create a talk-or-text interface for

Your salespeople can work with the CRM as easily as they work with customers.

After each sales activity, the rep simply launches the app and tells it what happened. Rollio extracts the data and populates data fields.

If the rep missed any information, Rollio simply asks for it.

Turn clean data into an edge over 83% of companies.

Rollio makes sure everyone in your organization gets accurate, up-to-the-minute customer information.

You can create unique value propositions to resonate with each customer.

Show up first with timely offers.

Win more sales and customer loyalty,

Replace junk data with clean revenue. Schedule a Rollio demo today.

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