“Gee, Cold Calling Worked Last Month?” How to Get Timely CRM Data from Your Reps
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The sales manager crunches the numbers and surprise, surprise, surprise! Just about all the new business comes from cold calling. Not search. Not digital content. Not social media. So, the manager directs his team to spend more time on cold calling and sales drop like a rock from a cliff. 

What went wrong? 

 For some reason, the only reps who kept Salesforce up to date were the cold callers. The others were letting their CRM data stack up like homework in a frat house. And when they finally sat down with Salesforce, they entered the bare minimum. 

There are two ways to stop this from happening. 

1) Eliminate Manual Data Entry from Your Reps’ Workflow. 

Most reps would rather be calling on customers and moving deals forward than navigating Salesforce screens and menus. In fact, you want them calling on customers and moving deals forward, too. 

So rather than forcing them to deal with Salesforce, tell them to talk to Rollio. 

Rollio is the Artificial Intelligence platform that gives your reps a virtual sales assistant. After each sales activity, reps simply tell Rollio in their own words what happened. Rollio updates Salesforce. 

There’s no break in their workflow. A rep can literally update Salesforce while walking through the parking lot to their car. Just by talking. 

2) Make Sure Reps Enter Data on Time. 

Rollio is a full-fledged assistant. It reminds reps about sales activities and after each activity, asks them what happened. 

Moreover, while many reps will only enter as little data as Salesforce will let them get away with, Rollio prompts them for more. Again, this doesn’t add to their workflow. They simply answer the questions in their own words and Rollio does the rest. 

When reps are finished, Rollio presents the data in a simple text format. Reps can check the data without launching and navigating Salesforce. 

Companies that implement Rollio report say they get 3X more data from their representatives. And the data is accurate. 

You know what’s working when you need to know it. And if for some reason, the data shows that cold calling works, you’ll know it’s true. 

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