How Is Artificial Intelligence Improving Sales?
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Rollio’s customers can now benefit from conversational AI that drives Revenue and Customer Engagement Performance
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Technology has improved rapidly since the first computer was invented in 1946. In fact, who would have guessed 20 years ago that each of us would have major computing power in our pockets? For sales professionals and businesses, massive computing power and artificial intelligence (AI) are combining to help, make using Salesforce easier.

Artificial Intelligence and Salesforce

Executives and managers understand the challenge of employee adoption of netechnology and how important it is to make the learning curve worthwhile for them. So, if you struggle with the “how to get my team to use Salesforce” question, the answer is artificial intelligence. In fact, you should consider AI as an assistant for Salesforce/CRM systems that can save your sales and services professionals time and money.

Why Is Artificial Intelligence So Exciting? 

We see three main reasons why AI should excite everyone at your business. It offers major improvements over current ways of doing business.

1. Data is becoming the most important tool, instead of guesswork and using intuition. No wondering or working to figure out which leads are qualified; your team can rely on your assistant for Salesforce/CRM (your AI technology) to filter leads for you. The newest AI tools analyze your customer profiles and serve up an intelligent, targeted list for sales professionals. Even better, AI suggests which products or solutions to offer to specific customers. It sorts leads for you “intelligently,” with out lots of duplication of tasks. Did you know that sales reps spend 80 percent of their time qualifying leads? That does not leave much time for selling or for closing, but with AI vetting customers, that is a thing of the past.

2. Time is freed up to make more phone calls, handle priorities and build relationships. AI is handling details like filtering prospects and learning sales flow patterns and will prioritize actions for your team. Time is spent more effectively on building rapport and solid relationships and making conversations better and more productive. AI offers opportunities, immediate data and lots of feedback, so your sales pros are more effective.

3. There is little room for error as AI makes data more accurate and the buyer is central to the sales process, allowing sales pros to serve their customers well. For instance, automated data capture and predictive analytics offer a wealth of data for sales teams to quickly move prospects forward and marketing teams to bring more prospects into the sales funnel smoothly.

Embracing AI as a team will change the role of sales managers and salespeople, affecting the entire organization and making it more lean and effective overall.

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