How to Determine if Your Sales Process is Out of Date (and How to Fix it)
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Thanks to technology, and sales-driven data, the sales process has become more transparent than ever. High-velocity, data-driven sales models have given companies the advantage of total visibility into how a deal is moving through the pipeline, within a month or quarter. This high-velocity, technology-enabled paradigm shift is vital to sales success in today’s fast-moving and “work smarter” marketplace.

Although new technology is not always readily accepted, there is a strong need for cultural and workflow changes to adapt and accept.  This does not mean that technology acceptance will solve internal problems and take sales transparency to the next level.

Success today necessitates speed and agility, even on the run.  A recent “Selling Power” article points out that sales culture is a cornerstone to successfully achieving a plugged in sales force.  The “Selling Power” article also points out that one of the first steps in changing company culture is by getting top executives, and the CEO, to understand what data they need to see on a daily basis, and then give them access to that data.  The need for mobility is also addressed in the article.  Today’s business is not typically done behind a desk all day, and salespeople must move at the speed of business.

We believe that the need for cultural change, and adaptation to new models comes down to two core concepts:  mobility and communication.  When mobility is enabled, a salesperson’s reach is extended in order to execute a high-velocity, data-driven model for sales success.  Bridging the cultural communication gap, with technology, also enables adoption and utilization of technology in the way it was intended. All of the above automatically leads to increased selling efficiencies and a higher sales success rate.

According to “Selling Power”, and, in our opinion, the future of business is to find ways to easily bridge the gap between technology today and the businesses using it.  

Check out how Rollio is helping to bridge the gap by making technology work for your sales team the way they work.  Rollio uses Natural Language Processing to allow you to talk to Salesforce, like a person. Learn more here.

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