How to Update Your Value Proposition to be More Relevant
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In one word, what do you need to increase sales, profits, market share and closing rates? I’ll give you a hint. It’s the same thing that causes so many successful companies to see drops in sales, profits, market share and closing rates. Got it yet? 

The answer is “relevance.” Mark Allen Roberts, in this Selling Power blog, points out that most sales plans fail because they have a dated value proposition. What worked years ago isn’t working today. He suggests that sales leaders invest time in learning:

  • Why do customers buy from you today?
  • Why don’t customers buy from you today?
  • What is your buyer’s buying process today? 
  • What criteria do your buyers look for today?

You’ll notice that every one of these questions ends with the word “today?” Successful sales leaders:

  • Train salespeople to understand the current voice of their customers and markets.
  • Develop a repeatable sales process that mirrors how their buyers buy today.
  • Create sales tools that proactively answer the criteria buyers are looking for today.

How do you get this intelligence?

  • Meet with recent wins, recent losses, top accounts and accounts whose sales are down
  • Ask broad, open-ended questions about their needs, buying and processes:
    • If you were our company’s president, what would you have us do win more of your business?
    • What do our competitors do very well? Why is that important?
    • Is there anything we do that we shouldn’t be doing?
    • Have you experienced any changes in the past 6-12 months?
    • When you search for products or services, where do you look?
  • Use active listening, take notes
  • Review the notes to find what you need to better serve your markets.

And while you’re working these accounts to get a “high level” view of what works, your team to can gather intelligence from the field and feed it into your CRM.

Especially if you empower them with Rollio.

Rollio is the Salesforce partner with the first AI Virtual Assistant to automate Salesforce data entry. Managers in companies that have deployed Rollio report that they get 3X more data from their sales teams.

Request a demo. And get more data to develop more relevant sales language, processes and tools.

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