Scoreboard Sales Reps Win Big with 30% More Selling Time
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Rollio’s customers can now benefit from conversational AI that drives Revenue and Customer Engagement Performance
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It may be the most dreaded statistic in sales management: The average rep spends only about 1/3 of their time selling. In other words, we employ salespeople at $100,000 a year and they spend less than 3 hours a day doing what we pay them to do.

While this frustrates virtually everyone in sales operations or management, a Greenville, Illinois manufacturer, Nevco, did something about it.

Nevco manufactures scoreboards and video displays. Every opportunity has unique needs and there’s an infinity of ways their products can be configured.

As you can imagine, getting all the opportunity data in Salesforce—even at the prospecting and needs assessment stages—can be time consuming and laborious. The typical rep spent 90 minutes a day updating They were always playing catch-up and management had to work with incomplete data.

That all changed when they deployed Rollio. The solution minimized 50% Salesforce updating time. Now reps have an extra 45 minutes a day and they’re using it to prospect. That’s almost 30% more selling time than they had before.

Rollio works almost like a person. Your reps talk or text with Rollio —just like a human assistant—and Rollio updates Salesforce. For Nevco, the payoffs included…

  •  – 50% reduction in time to update Salesforce
  •  – 25% faster Salesforce adoption
  •  – Improvements in the quantity and quality of data Salesforce collects.

No surprise that Rollio is now the Nevco interface for updating Salesforce.

“Rollio has increased the amount of time that I have to prospect.” says Sales Rep, Dan Schneider. “I have seen an improvement in the accuracy of the notes that I take, and a reduction in the turnaround time on my quotes.”

A cloud-based solution, Rollio can be up and running in a few weeks. There’s need to invest in an extensive, expensive and unproven “platform” that requires time and effort from your IT department.

To learn more about all the ways Rollio can improve the way your sales team operates, click here and schedule a demo.


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