The Sales VP’s Holy Grail (Blog Post 2 of 3): Focus on Timeliness
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Ignite a data-driven, high velocity sales process to deliver Sales Results that thrill your CEO. In our last blog we focused on the first of our series on the Holy Grail for sales VP’s – Accuracy. Check it out here. This time we turn our attention to timeliness. Good data, updated in a disciplined and consistent way, prompts the right follow up step, at the right time.

Entrepreneur Quote

 If only it were that simple.                                                                                                                        

Isn’t it?

While sometimes frantic, the more organized a sales pro is… the more revenue they tend to generate. There are varying opinions about Top Performers, but CONSISTENT performers are always Organized, Accountable, Results-Driven. They hate surprises.

Not only that, top sales performers are crushing it with their CRM. According to a recent sales study published by the Harvard Business Review:Result Driven Salesman

52% of high- performing salespeople indicated they were power users who take full advantage of their company’s CRM technology and internal systems compared to only 31% of underperforming salespeople. [Source: Harvard Business Review]

Why are these superstars taking advantage of the CRM? Because they know the whole reason behind investing in a CRM system is to make sales more efficient and productive for increasing close rates and generating revenue. It reduces the element of surprise. It breeds success.

And it isn’t just the smart folks at the HBR that agree. Consistency and timeliness of CRM data are the hallmarks of best-in-class companies:

Best in class

When information is entered consistently and truthfully, sales VPs are more able to accurately forecast revenues and plan for what lies ahead. No surprises. This is a no-brainer. But a sales leaders’ ability to “slay the dragons” that might distract a sales pro from their most productive activities makes all the difference in how they, collectively, make their number.

When administrative dragons like entering CRM data become a time suck, the process breaks down. Reps want to be out in the field – selling. Not sitting at a desk updating a CRM. So many of them don’t.  Without consistent data, Sales VPs are stuck with little to no insight into process and progress and reps are either forgetting or losing critical information that could mean – surprise! You lost the deal.

So how to get your reps to fully utilize their CRM?

Keep. It. Simple. 

With mobile technology, businesses have the potential to save time and increase CRM adoption and usage in order to stay productive, organized and informed – around the clock. According to Nucleus Research, Sales reps saw productivity increase by 26.4% upon adding social networking and mobile access to CRM application. (Source: Nucleus Research)

Now imagine your top performers are 26% more productive? What is that revenue potential?

Slay the CRM dragon. Reduce the element of surprise and grow your revenue with data that is timely, consistent and accurate – every step of the way.

Are you wasting too much time managing your CRM? Eliminate the time that your salespeople spend updating the CRM, and you will increase the time they spend selling. Rollio’s Artificial Intelligence Engine captures data via text message or voice note, and fills out your CRM. It’s that easy! One quick text and an opportunity is automatically logged in seconds, and your sales person is off to their next meeting. Click here to learn more.

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