Top 6 Habits of Successful Sales Teams
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Sales reps want to keep the VP Sales happy and vice versa, right? This can involve both parties doing necessary, but tedious tasks that keep the company running efficiently. To make work easier on everyone, each contributor needs to cultivate habits that make the entire team more productive, and everyone should be on the same page with those skills. Here are the top six sales team habits that help create an effective, smooth-running team and boost ROI.

1. Self-Awareness

For any sales team to succeed, each member needs to be aware of how well or poorly it’s functioning. High performers tend to rate themselves, their teams and their organizations as excellent more than others do. This self-awareness and confidence is a result of powerful leadership and a positive workplace, and it helps maintain the effectiveness of sales teams.

2. Division of Responsibility

Each team member should have a crystal-clear understanding of individual goals and the tasks they’re responsible for. High-performing sales teams create and maintain an accountability system for each and every action — members are less likely to drop the ball on any given task with accountability in place.

3. Getting the Most Out of CRM

CRM systems can be clunky and time-consuming to set up and fill out. At the same time, however, CRMs make work easier and sales teams more productive. Solution? A CRM tool that makes it faster and easier to effectively use CRM and boosts productivity as soon as it’s in place. Our goal with Rollio is to allow you to talk to CRM like you would a person with no need to waste time manually filling out forms… if you can text or tweet, you can now master Salesforce.

4. Effective Communication

Every member of a sales team must be an excellent communicator. This means the team needs to connect often and stay abreast of what the other members are doing, thinking, experiencing and so on. Any company and sales team should maintain a work space where communication is safe, respected and valued, and each member should strive to be a good listener in specific ways — the team, customers and ROI benefit from it.

5. Keeping Customers Happy

Sales teams experience more success with well-nurtured, happy prospects and customers — of course. This should be common sense, but many sales teams are removed from customers due to poor time management, too much focus on the numbers game and other reasons. Sales people should have monthly reminders in their calendars to check-in on high priority clients. Make it a habit to prioritize customer nurturing and go the extra mile to keep customers happy.

6. Consistency

Sales teams thrive and grow in stable, productive environments and should always be on the lookout for habits and behaviors that contribute to success. Repeating them consistently keeps everyone on the team performing well and, of course, keeps sales and ROI on the upswing.

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