What Your Salespeople Need to Win Big Customers
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Large, strategic accounts do not come easy. You need to be willing to make a significant investment and take a different approach. It doesn’t have to be complicated. But if you want the sales salespeople charged with winning large accounts to succeed, you have to understand that they will need…

1) Time

Everything about selling to larger customers takes more time. There are more stakeholders to convince, more obstacles to overcome, more complexity in the contracts. The time you invest in solving for these issues is time that you take away from smaller prospective clients. Be sure you’re ready to accept that trade off.                   

2) Multiple entry points

Large companies usually have solutions in place and switching to yours usually involves risk and expense. That means sales reps have to build a lot of relationships and solve a lot of problems to build consensus. First for change and then around your solution. You may be able to land a small account by winning one decision maker. In large accounts, there may be number of users, influencers, recommenders and other vested interests to convince, as well as the CXO.

3) Ability to Create Value

Nobody wants to be sold to, and in large companies, nobody has the time. If you want these prospects to take your calls, to meet and talk with you, you’d better have something of value to offer. The more value you can give these prospects at every stage, the more likely the deal is to proceed.

4) A Willingness to Customize the Solution.

Large customers have embedded processes and very precise needs. Chances are, your “straight from the box” offering isn’t going to cut it. You may need to add features or rejigger your product to win a contract. If you can’t sell changes or modifications internally, then you may be wasting your time selling externally to larger customers.

5) After-Sale Accountability

Accountability doesn’t mean support, it means taking responsibility for the strategic outcomes you promised when customer bought from you. Implementation, training, and anything that goes with the product’s delivery is as much your problem as it is the customer’s. Maybe more your problem.

6) How Rollio Helps Win Large Accounts

With multiple stakeholders facing multiple challenges, winning large accounts means knowing a lot more about more people. You need that information in your CRM. Rollio, with its “you-talk-CRM-listens” interface, lets reps update the most granular details into the CRM in the time it takes to walk down the hall from one meeting to the next. Also, managers get more visibility into the sales process, so they can make sure reps have what they need to close the deal.

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