Your B2B Sales Funnel: 5 Ways to Create More Customers
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Your B2B Sales Funnel: 5 Ways to Create More Customers

The goal of any B2B strategy is to generate more leads and more sales. The challenge? It’s a buyer’s market, and customers are growing more savvy every day. Revenue growth depends on a constant honing of your B2B sales strategy. Here are five proven tips to improve your B2B sales funnel.

1. Implement lead scoring

Ranking leads help you separate the good sales from the no-sales. By sorting leads by interest level, business fit, potential size or other measures, you can more efficiently prioritize your team’s efforts. Ideally, the metrics for lead scoring will be agreed on by sales, marketing or other relevant departments.

2. Update your Customer Relationship Management software

A good CRM system makes relationship management easier, not harder. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your system by utilizing the best tools for relationship tracking and sales schedules. A good CRM system acts like a personal assistant for sales team members…cough cough…Let Rollio automatically update your CRM for your team, so your team can actually spend their time selling.

3. Improve your audience targeting

If you’re drowning in customer data, you’re not alone. We have more information in 2016 than ever before, and less time to sift through it all. Sort the good data from the bad by improving your audience targeting. Work across departments to determine characteristics of past and future buyers. By identifying your specific audience, their needs and their motivations, you can improve your sales funnel and laser in on good leads, leaving the bad data behind.

4. Double down on efficient content marketing

According to the 2015 DemandGen Content Preferences Survey, 67 percent of B2B buyers rely more on content to research and make buying decisions than the previous year. Look for new opportunities to craft quality items in different mediums. Don’t have time to draft tons of blog posts? Break longer pieces into multiple shorter posts that you can tease out over a period of time. Don’t have any new content? Try recycling older content into a new package. Take those smaller blog posts on a subject, combine them with old infographics and turn them into a new eBook that’s useful for customers.

5. Get better at event marketing

Despite the growth of online tools and platforms, conferences and sales events still matter a great deal. Implement a pre-event and post-event strategy for your team. Improve your displays by going beyond the traditional pop-up banners. Set timelines for following up on leads generated at events. Optimize your event experience.


When it comes to improving your B2B sales funnel, less is often more. In 2016, seek to find ways to make your sales funnel leaner and more efficient, allowing you to boost sales by concentrating on the most productive leads.

– Rollio


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