10 Keys to Getting the Most out of Your CRM
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Using a CRM system streamlines business and makes team members more efficient, IF used properly. Sadly, some companies spend a lot on a CRM and never get much value out of it. These tips can make using Salesforce easier, and they also apply to other CRM systems.

Here’s a look at ways to make your business run more smoothly:

  1. Help your team understand and use your CRM. Talk to them about the CRM system you have and find out what they like about it. On the flip side, ask them what parts are a hassle, and look for ways to streamline their work. The answer to “how to get my team to use Salesforce” lies in listening to their opinions and helping them use it better.
  2. Know your CRM system and what it can do. Knowing the full breadth of your CRM capabilities will help your management team impart that wisdom to your team. If you have no idea how to use it for the greatest benefit, how can you expect to enthusiastically encourage them to use it? Every CRM is a little different, so knowing systems’ abilities and limitations is key.
  3. Training, training, training. This can be a pitfall for businesses. Employees need to understand the system enough to gain the benefits to themselves, the company and customers.
  4. Baby steps. Never make any radical overnight changes, but rather go slow so that the team gets accustomed to changes easily. Encourage them to get familiar with the system and its changes so that they understand how it will help them be more efficient.
  5. Get everyone involved. CRM is an amazing sales automation tool, and integrating it with other departments makes life easier. If you have not done that as yet, what are you waiting for? Your CRM can allow management of customer accounts and real-time information about sales, customer service or orders at your fingertips.
  6. Consistency. Agreeing upon standard procedures and putting them in place is key to consistent data and full CRM usage. Make it easy to input the required data, and perform routine data checks to ensure that details are being entered appropriately. Some companies designate an assistant for Salesforce/CRM to guide usage.
  7. Social integration. Social media is an excellent way to keep in touch with customers, and most CRM systems integrate smoothly with the different platforms. It’s a great idea to track mentions of your business and your products so that you can jump into conversations as needed.
  8. Mobile first. Today, 75 percent of internet traffic comes from mobile devices, and a mobile CRM enables sales professionals to track leads, proposals and other opportunities wherever and whenever. Set up your mobile capabilities to allow your team location independent use.
  9. Marketing data goldmine. A CRM is a treasure trove of data about your current customers and your prospects, and this data can even help you automate marketing campaigns and email drip notices directly from your system. When your employees understand the potential benefits, they will be more ardent users of the system.
  10. Ask for regular feedback. Spend some time regularly to gather feedback from your employees about your CRM system. This will help you identify any problems so that issues can be quickly and efficiently resolved.

CRM is a great tool for business, and helping make it easier for your employees to use your CRM fully is key to getting its full potential. If you can use some further guidance, we’d be glad to help.

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