10 Ways to Amplify Your Lead Generation Success
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Did you know that only 13 percent of businesses believe that their lead generation strategies are “very successful”? If you’re not feeling this kind of satisfaction, consider incorporating some of the following strategies into your mix. They might just contribute to the lead generation boost you’re looking for!

1. Find Your Audience

You can have the most innovative campaign imaginable, but unless it’s for the right audience, you’re not going to experience success. Begin by studying your website’s Google Analytics and researching platform demographics to establish who your audience is and where they spend their time.

2. Fine-Tune Your Content

According to this infographic, content marketing generates as much as three times as many leads as traditional marketing. Produce content that’s useful and appealing to your target audience to reap such benefits.

3. Create Action-Oriented Landing Pages

Landing pages should move visitors further along the conversion process. Actions can take various forms, such as newsletter and webinar sign-ups or free consultation offers.

4. Send Strategic Newsletters

Forty-two percent of businesses say email is one of their most effective lead-generation strategies. Ensure your newsletters are shareable, informative and action-oriented.

5. Create Valuable Opt-In Opportunity

In order to turn readers into subscribers, encourage subscribers by offering free ebooks, advice, online courses and discounts that are only available through opt-in. Sarah Von Bargen does this well, offering a valuable and targeted opt-in opportunity.

6. Build Customer Relationships on High-Value Platforms

Establish which platforms deliver the best value. For instance, when Sigma Beauty learned that Instagram is their fourth highest referral source (behind only organic search, email and direct traffic), they prioritized Instagram above other platforms rather than diluting their efforts by attempting to build relationships everywhere.

7. Gather ‘Social Proof’

Product REVIEWS are 12 times more trusted than product descriptions, but reviews are just one form of social proof. You can also establish social proof through testimonials, expert and celebrity endorsements, and ‘most-popular’ lists.

8. Engage in Advanced On-Site Tracking

Re-marketing based on visitor behavior is another way to improve your lead generation. For example, you can deliver ads to people who visited your site but didn’t take action, to encourage them to return.

9. Set Up Automated Behavioral Triggers

Automated triggers not only save you time in the long run, but can bolster your inbound marketing and lead-generation success. For instance, DuoLingo sends an automated ‘Daily Language Reminder’ to encourage subscribers to return to their website.

10. Broadcast Live Streams

Offer customer advice, showcase product benefits and build customer rapport by broadcasting live streams. It’s a highly personable and interactive way of communicating over the Internet, and it’s known to improve lead generation and increase conversions.

There are plenty of ways to amplify your lead generation success, and the best approach depends on your business’ model. Why not introduce 2 or 3 of these ideas, such as writing better content, gathering testimonials and creating a newsletter opt-in giveaway? Then you can reap the rewards!

































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