5 Surprisingly Simple Keys to Greater Sales Productivity
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Some sales leaders always have enough time and energy to get everything done. Others seem to flounder and feel overwhelmed. This Forbes blog explans, The more productive group probably has these 5 things in common.

1) They get enough rest, exercise and fuel.

If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you. Studies show people are most alert when they get 6.5-7.5 hours of sleep every night. Make sleep a priority.

And when you get up, exercise. Studies show that people who exercise regularly are 20% more productive on days that they exercise.

You also want to eat the right foods, too. You can’t be very effective if you’re hungry or thirsty. Protein, fiber and water fill you up without tiring you out.

3) They consolidate apps.

Salespeople can spend almost 30 hours a week answering emails, and untold countless hours toggling back and forth between calendars, texts and phone calls.

Get an app that will combine inbox, calendar, and CRM data together in one place and automatically surface relevant contact data on every email. You’ll be able to accomplish with a few swipes of the phone what used to take hours.

3) They’re power users of mobile devices.

That means more than checking email while on line at the bank. Make sure you can log calls, check dashboards, and access customer and quota data. You want to be ready wherever work takes you.

At the same time, download documents, maps and presentations to your phone or tablet computer, so you have them, even when you’re out of WiFi.

4) Make your work time more productive.

Do you know how much time it takes to research a lead? Compose a Tweet or LinkedIn post? Answer an email? Before you can plan for a task, you need to know how much time you need. Get one of those apps that track time and learn how much time you need to block out for each task.

And speaking of “blocking out,” consider packing your work into 90-minute blocks. Studies show that that’s about the most anyone can fully concentrate on any one given task. Take a break after 90 minutes, and you’ll come back refreshed and ready to go.

5) Keep Up with Your CRM.

The more information you have in the CRM, the less you have to answer about quotas, pipelines and metrics. Your managers can simply look up the information and reports themselves.

In fact, make sure your colleagues in other departments, like business development or finance, have access to the dashboards they need. You’ll spend your meeting productively solving problems and moving deals forward, rather than just catching up on the state of the union.

Pull it all together with Rollio.

Rollio is the solution that turns your CRM into a person. Well, almost. You talk to Rollio like you talk to a person and Rollio updates the CRM for you. It replaces several minutes of CRM navigating and updating with a seven-second conversation.

And that’s surely good for another bump in productivity. For you and your team.

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