Are CRM’s Needed In Small Businesses?
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When you think of a small business do you think of CRM? No? Well, you’re not alone. We mainly think of large companies when we talk of customer relationship management.


In the 90’s when CRM software became popular, it was a considerable investment that, admittedly, only larger businesses could afford. But these days CRM’s are integral to the development of small businesses. Affordable cloud-based options with specific tools that assist small businesses are an essential string to the ‘growth’ bow. These solutions have led to an enormous growth which is expected to reach more than $80 billion in revenue by 2025.


Deliver on your brand promise

All sizes of companies face the same problems when it comes to interacting with customers, whether existing or potential. Each business must contend with the challenges of today’s digital world – customers have the information at their fingertips, whether it is an online review, Google search or social media posts.

From a kitchen table business to FTSE 250 company, B2C or B2B, all businesses must be proactive when faced with an informed customer base.


Rollio AI for small business


Irrespective of how many employees you have, customer loyalty is key to customer retention. A recent Gartner study about customer effort revealed that customers are four times more likely to become disloyal to a brand after a difficult customer service experience. And to the contrary, if a customer has an easy or low-effort experience with a brand, they are 94% more likely to repurchase.


With the right workflow process, you can create and build whilst still maintaining long-term relationships with your customers.


Look beyond the data

Whilst CRM is about amassing data, gathering insights to further develop current clients and win future prospects, small businesses might still be using Excel spreadsheets to collect this data. Although this may have worked initially, over time it becomes time consuming, resulting in inaccurate and out of date data that does not integrate with other systems throughout departments in the company, for example accounting or marketing.

Incorporating an intuitive CRM system into your small business early on will do more than just aid your day to day planning strategy, preventing oversights and loss. It will allow your business to stay organized, deliver outstanding customer service and develop your business.


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