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Facilitating your sales teams through either a formal sales enablement function or informal process is critical to any business. It sets your sales team up to sell more and be more consistent in achieving their deals.

To truly empower your salespeople, you need to ensure that your teams have the tools and insights they need to be effective while out in the field. In the 2019 World-Class Sales Practices Study it is quoted that “only 21% of organizations had effective ongoing enablement (beyond onboarding).” Now, we have all heard this from our sales teams, it’s all rosey in the first few weeks but then you are on your own. But what should we be doing about it?

Our top 3 suggestions to empower your sales team:

1. Implement an analysis of closed and completed deals

As the expression goes ‘the devil is in the details’. A thorough analysis can help all team members know what worked or what went wrong thereby identifying gaps and opportunities ready for the next deal. The inaccurate feedback from salespeople can lead to the incorrect conclusions being made concerning their market, industry competitor or even the relevance of the products.

Analyze the details in your CRM- questions raised, timings of calls, speed of requested information returned to the customer, what was sent to the customer, gain feedback from the customer.

Once you have the insights, they can be fed back to the sales and marketing teams, open and clear communication is key to creating an agile team.

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2. Communications Loops

Customarily, the rapport between sales and marketing has been challenging to say the least! Nevertheless, they share a mutual goal – driving company revenue through increasing customer value.

The configuration of the communication loops is key to transparent and open sharing of competitive insights.

Now, creating and harnessing competitive insights for use in marketing campaigns is standard, but how do we ensure they are effective without gathering insights from the sales team? We don’t, that’s why we need the communication loop. 60% of sales professionals say that collaborative selling has increased productivity by more than 25%,

By facilitating feedback on the performance of marketing programs we can empower our salespeople to share insights that basic competitive research cannot give us.

3. Training, training, training

None of us want to be in a training room… we would rather be out there actually selling not talking about selling. But short, regular, impactful training can motivate and spur us on to take the next step on our deals with confidence and possibly a new approach/angle.

This training needs to include any tools your companies use but definitely should not include a lecture on updating Salesforce!

Within any organization it is essential that all departments work empower each other through knowledge. Leveraging your teams throughout your organization can lead to overall success and help you gain the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for.

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