Buried Treasures: 13 Insights Hidden in Your Sales Technology
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Quick, which steps in the sales process are most important to the buyer? Do you have content and resources that your reps can use to overcome specific objections? Is the time interval between contacts costing you in business?

On the Center for Sales Strategy blog, there’s a post called Do You Need Sales Enablement Tools and a CRM. It’s meant to help businesses decide if they need these technologies. The article offers 35 yes/no/don’t know questions.

We went through the list and found a few that even technologically proficient organizations may forget to ask. Three of the questions opened this article. Here are ten more.

  • Is the time interval between client touches costing you business?
  • Why did you win or lose certain business, and what trends are related to that?
  • What do prospects do on your website after, or before, a call or meeting?
  • Which sales activities are the most time consuming, and are they paying off?
  • How many of your emails are just checking in, vs. helping with the buyer’s journey?
  • Which email templates and voice mails scripts are most effective?
  • If you have content for each stage of the buyer’s journey, and for specific objections
  • Where in the sales process do some salespeople excel, and others need improvement?
  • How long do prospects view a proposal and which pages they spend the most time on?
  • Is there any group of prospects that deserves more priority than others?


Of course, you need good data in your CRM to unearth these treasures. And in many organizations, that’s a challenge, mainly because timely updating the CRM is such a chore. Watch this video to see how Rollio can help.


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