Crush Your Sales Quota with 7 Surprising Life Hacks
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Believe it or not, the very things that we think are making us more productive may be making us less so. Solving problems, for instance, could be a waste of time. Pursuing big sales goals can all but guarantee you won’t reach them. Your to-do list can cost you sales.                                                                                            

A recent Entrepreneur blog notes that you can boost your sales performance with seven tweaks that people make in their personal lives. They include:

  1. Connect your to-do list to your calendar: The typical to-do list can lead to procrastination. Items get carried from one day to the next, and the next, and… Instead, chose a specific day to accomplish each task and commit to completing it by that day. These deadlines will help you set more sales meetings, connect with more prospects, and ultimately make more sales.
  2. Try smaller goals: Huge goals are not the key to success. They lead to paralysis. Instead, define your goals in terms of baby steps that you can do repeatedly. A small daily objective, like asking for referrals or making 20 cold calls, can lead to an enormous increase in sales over time.
  3. Find yourself a boss (and be theirs, too): It’s just human nature to stray from commitments. Peer accountability is a great hack. Find someone else who’s committed to improving their sales results and hold each other’s feet to the fire. Make sure you both stick to your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.
  4. Find a mentor: So, you’re cracking your brain trying to solve a problem. Why not talk to someone who’s already solved it? You’d be surprised how many successful people are happy to show you the ropes. People are happy to help and you avoid the trial and error of trying to solve a problem yourself.
  5. Eliminate static: Most of us have at least two non-productive activities in our professional and personal routines. Searching the internet. Going on Facebook. Checking emails—incessantly. If you can eliminate two 15-minute activities from your routine, you’ll add an extra 2.5 hours a week to focus on closing more sales than ever before.
  6. Step outside your comfort zone: Most salespeople can comfortably call buyers or product managers. But CEOs, those high-level prospects with decision making power and big budgets, they may be a little scary. Seek out these bigger opportunities. Before long, you’ll consistently perform at a higher level.
  7. Never stop learning: Become a dedicated student of your craft. Read every book you can get your hands on and download eBooks from leaders in your industry. Turn off the radio and listen to audiobooks on your commute. Forget cat videos and watch industry videos instead. The more you know, the more value you offer and deals you close.

There’s another surprising hack to make you more productive: Get more data into your CRM by spending less time with it: The best salespeople like to talk. Rollio lets sales reps update the CRM just by talking to it. Salespeople update Salesforce up to 50% faster and they give you up 3X more data. And the data is accurate.

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