Do You Need To Scale Your Customer Support Team?
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It’s not always an easy answer so let’s look at a few questions to help you decide.


Is a customer service software solution necessary for your company?

Of course, many organizations aren’t exactly sure when it will be the right time to upgrade or invest in a new system. It’s best to choose a solution that matches and supports existing workflows without creating excess complexity.

Essentially, does it tick these boxes:

  1. Does it amalgamate everything your agents need in one place?
  2. Can it consolidate your customers information and positively impact your customers experience so that they are seamlessly assisted by your team?
  3. Do you have actionable data so that your wider teams can develop a wider CX strategy?

Rollio AI scaling customer support


Does your team need to work smarter or do you need to hire more staff?

First off, study your targets such as response times, handle times as well as customer satisfaction scores in comparison to industry benchmarks. Research shows  that more than 70% of customers expect companies to collaborate on their behalf, and 68% of customers are annoyed when their call is transferred between departments (Zendesk).

Could there be a temporary reason for increased ticket volume? When analysing the workflow, is it inefficient or do you need to identify what could be slowing it down?

Factors to consider:

  • Do you have a superfluous workflow or redundant processes?
  • Is more training needed?
  • Would an intuitive system that prompts your agents with the information they need speed up their response times and increase customer satisfaction?


Are more support channels necessary?

Your customers want to be able to connect with businesses via channels they prefer. Although phone and email still remain the most popular channels that customers use to contact support, could you be providing a more diverse offering. Are you able to staff additional options while still maintaining the same quality of service? And will these new platforms feed data into your customer service software solution? To ensure that that your customer data is stored centrally, your contact channels need to feed into one system. Remember that your customer may contact you via chat on one day and email the next – ensure that the next agent who picks up the information has a clear chain of contact in front of them so that their questions are not duplicated.


Every organization is different but enabling your team to provide a first-class service to your customer by giving them the best tools for their job will result in an increase in customer loyalty irrespective of the size of your business.


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