Entrepreneur, CEO, and Investor, Richard Hearn, joins Rollio.ai Board of Directors
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Rollio’s customers can now benefit from conversational AI that drives Revenue and Customer Engagement Performance
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Former GM, Watson Commerce for IBM backs innovative CRM NLP innovator

Thursday, October 18th 5, New York, NY — Rollio.ai, the world’s first and only voice-enabled intelligent, human-to-CRM interface for field service and customer service teams, today announced that Richard Hearn, a leader in digital transformation and artificial intelligence, has joined its Board of Directors.

In addition to serving on select Boards, Hearn is currently the CEO of FPX, the B2B Selling Cloud for teams selling configurable offerings in an omnichannel world and the original inventor of Configure Price Quote 35 years ago. He becomes the second board member joining Carsten Thoma, the co-founder and former CEO of hybris which he sold to SAP where he led SAP Commerce.

“Any leader from CEO to CRO to CFO to CIO, and every sales and service executive, can attest to the struggles involved in getting good data (relevant, accurate, actionable) into CRM systems,” said Hearn.  “Rollio.ai has succeeded where others have given up or failed in reducing the barriers to entering data by enabling them to speak or text, and not spend their days wasting valuable time filling in fields of the CRM system.”  

Rollio.ai, founded by Jake Soffer in 2017, was a vision the young entrepreneur had to end the needless and senseless lack of data in CRM systems and the pain and suffering of busy executives everywhere.  The dedication to true Natural Language Processing means Rollio is easy to use, yet anything but simple. It’s humanistic, convenient approach is generating instant and continuous ROI for its clients across Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, and beyond.

“Richard is one of the most driven, exceptional leaders and sales executives I’ve ever met and his insights and support are invaluable to Rollio”, said Jake Soffer, CEO and Founder.  “We are on a mission to capture intelligence and fuel insights that drive top-line results for our clients with efficiencies and productivity gains that simultaneously drive down costs. Richard’s insights into our core solution, the artificial intelligence landscape, and the business of hyper-growth are invaluable and we are grateful to have his wisdom, leadership, and support of our vision.”

The two share other common bonds, including Richard’s days as a motorboat racer (who now owns and operates his own racing team, Hearn Motor Sports) and Jake’s athletic prowess as a former Collegiate Division I Hockey Player who was highly scouted for the NHL.

Rollio.ai was founded on the belief that CRM systems and high performing companies require abundant, 350% more accurate data, and that it should be as easy speaking to a person for sales and service professionals to create and maintain accurate CRM data.  Based in New York City, Rollio.ai uses natural language processing and RPA to create competitive advantage for its customers in the form of robust, accurate data and insights that help their clients set and hit targets consistently, reducing 60-80% of time users spend manually updating Salesforce daily.

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