Finding a Way to Appeal to Your Top Sales Performers’ Inner Child
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According to the Salesforce Blog, just about every VP of Sales, CEO and Sales Manager know that great sales performers have traits that are similar to a 5- year old. Seriously. Little to no patience, lack of organization, all joined together with passion, as long as there is a reward, seem to be the common denominators in top sales performers.  

What are some mistakes that Sales Operations make in dealing with said top performers?:

 #1 Initiating jam-packed, multi-day sales trainings.

 #2 Loading the sales team with too much content.

#3 Assuming salespeople will continue the methodology after the training is over.

#4 Micro-managing a deal from start to finish.

In addition to Salesforce’s great points listed above, we also want to add; constantly asking for Salesforce updates. This can be likened to asking a 5-year old to put their dishes in the dishwasher. Seriously.

The good news is we have you covered on this point. This is, in fact, why we built Rollio in the first place. We believe that you should meet the salespeople half way – especially, your top performers – and give them a tool to update Salesforce the way they want to communicate; with voice and text. Check out our tool to find out how we are helping you better deal with your star sales performers’ inner child. And learn how to reach your salespeople’s inner child here.

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