Heal the Hurt: How to Get Your Sales Team to Fall in Love with Salesforce
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Salespeople don’t love paperwork. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that your sales team has a bad relationship with your CRM.

Hearing complaints like “it’s too much work, too time consuming and far too demanding?”

Here are 7 tips you can use to help your sales team heal their relationship with your CRM:

1.  Start off on the Right Foot. We all know that using your CRM to its full potential is indispensable for accurate sales forecasting. But it still doesn’t get done. Help your salespeople forget about the CRM baggage by automating the data entry process so it is easier, less time consuming and more accurate.

2.  Simplify. High maintenance? You bet. Entering all those fields and meeting field requirements – that’s way too much work. Focus on the specific data requirements that fulfill your needs, utilize tools to configure your CRM and let the rest go.

“When it comes to managing customer relationships, high-performing sales teams use technology to accelerate sales processes and free up time to sell, using nearly 3x more functionality than underperforming teams.” Salesforce 2015 State of Sales Report

Check out this video and learn how to talk or text to automatically update your CRM.

3.  Balance Give and Take. No one really wants to be in a “one-way” relationship. Show your team what they can achieve as a result of entering CRM data and how they will benefit from increased productivity, greater customer insight and a clearer picture of the sales pipeline.

4.  Communicate Expectations. The best relationships are all about clear communication. Set realistic CRM data and time management strategies for happier salespeople and satisfied customers.

5.  Celebrate Success. Celebration = motivation. If you have more accurate data, timely forecasts and real-time reports, chances are your sales are increasing. Celebrate wins and illustrate how sales wins can be tied to tracking the right information on customers.

6.  Keep Improving. Don’t get stuck in a rut. Incorporate innovation, creativity and the latest technology for continued success. Encourage your team to continually improve their CRM engagement and track results.

7.  Make it Last.  Stagnation is a relationship killer. With the increase in mobile and wearable technologies, the workforce is on the go. Using mobile technology integrated with your CRM, keeps your data in sync and keeps the sales cycle rolling regardless of time or place – ensuring your team doesn’t get bogged down by that old ball and chain – data entry.

8. Are you putting the “relationship” back in CRM? Eliminate the time that your salespeople spend updating the CRM, and you will increase the time they spend selling. Rollio’s Artificial Intelligence Engine captures data via text message or voice note, and fills out your CRM. It’s that easy! One quick text and an opportunity is automatically logged in seconds, and your sales person is off to their next meeting. Click here to learn more.

Looking for more tips on how to lead a successful sales team? Download our infographic “7 Ways to Get Your Sales Team to Fall in Love with Salesforce” today!

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