How Much Does Bad Salesforce Data Cost You?
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Rollio’s customers can now benefit from conversational AI that drives Revenue and Customer Engagement Performance
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Just about everybody who works with data has a data quality problem. IBM estimates the cost of poor quality data to be $3.1 trillion in the United States alone. If you’re in sales operations, your department likely contributes to this figure every day. But it doesn’t have to.

Data Quality Expert, Thomas C. Redman, in this Harvard Business Review article, describes “The Hidden Data Factory,” an assembly line where the cost of bad data gets higher at every stage.

In Stage 1, Department A (or in your case, the sales rep) completes the data entry (i.e., fills out Salesforce) for the Department B (or you the sales manager). 

If Salesforce data was accurate, you could just act on it. But all too often, it isn’t.

This ultimately leads to Stage 2. You chase reps for missing data. You use pipeline meetings to validate data and push reps for details. There’s a value to your time that’s lost in these activities.

At Stage 3 you work with the data you have and deliver a product to your customers. As a sales manager, that may be projections for the VP of finance or campaign results to a marketing colleague.

And yes, despite all your efforts, bad data leaks through. And that makes Stage 4 the most expensive stage: Dealing with the consequences of errors.

More than one manager lost their job, more than one company has been forced to lay off staff, because projected deals didn’t materialize. Or materialized a couple of days too late.

For most businesses, better communication between Departments A and B will solve the problem.

Most businesses, that is. You already communicate with your reps. Your reps already know what you need.

What you really need is better communication between your reps and Salesforce.

That’s where Rollio comes in. Rollio is the first Salesforce partner with an artificial intelligence virtual assistant for Salesforce. This platform lets your reps talk to Salesforce like they talk to a client. Rollio takes their verbal or texted instructions and populates the fields in Salesforce.

Reps update Salesforce immediately after events. You capture more data and pipeline is always up to date. And this can lead to accurate forecasts.

At the same time, you free your reps to spend more time with customers and less time with administrative tasks. They can sell more.

Rollio is one Salesforce partner that can reduce the cost of bad data and give you more revenue at the same time.

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