How to Tell if Your Sales Process is Obsolete
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Today’s B2B buyers expect personalized service and flexible sales processes to help accommodate them. But funnel dynamics keep shifting and processes need to shift with them. For this reason, many are starting to think less about the sales process and more about the sales stack. That is, the technology stack that helps sales teams adapt their processes to drive results. If you answer “no” to any of these three questions, your sales process may be in danger of obsolescence.

Are you Hitting Aggressive Goals with Proven Processes and Dynamic Training?

As this blog notes, organizations with sales enablement technologies have 3X the revenue growth of those who don’t. Sales enablement technologies give you the data-driven insights you need to turn your top reps’ success into a repeatable, scalable process.

At the same time, predictive technologies can determine which content, messaging and more that will generate the best ROI in each situation. Add playbook technologies with just-in-time coaching and your reps have the best practices when and where they need it.

Do You Have the Market Intelligence to Develop and Deliver Relevant Content?

95% of sales reps think content is essential to advancing deals. Buyers agree. Studies show that 95% of B2B buyers rely on content and about 70% of buyers have increased the amount of content they use to research and evaluate purchases.

Meanwhile 85% of marketing content is never used. Mainly because reps can’t find it.

Sales technology can create a feedback loop, so that sales and marketing departments have data about what works and what gaps in the content library need to be filled. It can also make sure reps have the content and resources to drive sales engagements when they need them.

Are you using data-driven insights to make informed decisions?

Sales executives need quality data for pipeline visibility, sales forecasting, productivity optimization and to determine which activities show the most promise for revenue gains. Yet 56% of sales executives are dissatisfied with their ability to offer valuable data-driven insights. Sometimes data, scattered through disparate systems, limit their visibility into the pipeline. And sometimes, the data in the CRM is incomplete, inaccurate, or dated.

Integrating systems may require a technology roadmap and significant investment of IT resources. On the other hand, with virtually no investment in IT resources, you might be able to get all the data you need—and then some—with Rollio.

Rollio is the breakthrough CRM interface that eliminates time-consuming menus and commands. After each activity, reps can update the CRM with simple voice or text instructions. Rollio also prompts reps for details. Sales managers get complete, accurate and timely data—and 3X more of it. And sales reps get more time to sell.

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