The Death of a Sales(meeting): Are Your Reps to Blame
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You trust your salespeople to run a good meeting. But what if they really don’t? What if the sale is lost –simply because your rep just isn’t saying or doing the right things?

And they don’t even realize it?

In his blog 3 Deadly Sales Blunders Costing You Sales, Marc Wayshak gives us 3 no-nos, and what your reps can do about it:

  • Sit down and shut up: reps should talk less than 20% of the time. More like 5%. His advice? Only speak when setting up a question topic, or when asking the prospect a direct question.

    Need help? Have them read an Open Letter to Salespeople: Stop talking, Start Listening. You’re so welcome.

  • Show me the money: According to Wayshak, failing to find out the client’s budget before you present your solution is really, really bad. And will only result in both parties being disappointed (not to mention the huge wasted time suck). 

    Have your reps ask for the budget and hopefully, they shall receive. And if not? The client might not be in the same state, let alone ballpark. Move on.

  • Never, ever ass-u-me: Yes, we all know what happens when we assume. Your sales reps may want to seem knowledgeable when asked a question, but prospects could actually be digging for info on their competition, your competition, or something entirely different.


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