The ROI on recording everything into your CRM
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Measuring your ROI (return on investment) is at the core of the success of your business. But it’s also much easier said than done. Of course getting concrete numbers about the performance of your team’s efforts will help to improve your business, but how do you go about acquiring and analyzing that information? The short answer: Use your CRM to full capacity. Salesforce can help you multiply your efforts if you simply use it to record absolutely everything. Here’s why.

Retain Customers

CRMs help you more fully develop your business strategy by providing you with measurable metrics. These metrics can help you determine exactly what your customers are doing, what they are lacking, what they are looking for, what’s working and what isn’t. Salesforce is going to help you up your customer retention, which is the number one step in boosting ROI. You can lower your churn rates by figuring out the exact formula that keeps your customers interested…listen to your crm! What is making your customers happy and what isn’t. 

Boost Your Image

Everyone knows that customer service is now a gigantic part of a company’s reputation. In a world where people can take to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other public platforms to complain or celebrate you, it’s important to have the software in place to provide excellent support for your valued customers. One of the best ways to do this is to stay informed. Using your CRM to log of all you customer complaints and feedback can help you better serve them in the future without having to hash through the SAME issues over and over again. It can also help you follow up with customers on issues they are having — a HUGE bonus when it comes to retention and ROI.

Sales Team Improvement

Having accurate data can help your sales team improve tenfold because they will better understand what is driving your customers toward sales…and what scares them away. You can train your Sales Team for improvement – if you use Salesforce, there are plenty of consultants available who are ready to train your sales teams to be more successful than ever. Logging every bit of info, including interactions with your customers prior to, during and post-sales, will give you amazing insights into how you can improve your sales pipeline and boost sales overall. We know this can be a pain…which is why we built Rollio, however the reward of a smart CRM is so worth it.

Keeping your customers happy is the number one way to boost your ROI. Start making the most of your CRM by recording everything, so that you have the data you need to enhance the way that customers experience your brand.

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