Timely Questions Every Sales Leader Wishes They Could Answer
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How fast does your sales team respond to leads? How long does it take to book appointments? These are critical questions because timelines is a key driver of sales results.

Yet if you’re like many sales managers and chief revenue officers we speak with, these answers are as elusive as the Loch Ness Monster. The data you need to run these analytics never seems to be there when you look for it. 

Response and appointment setting time are among what Ken Krogue, in this white paper, calls “high velocity metrics that drive results.” Others include: What is the best day to call? The best time of day? How long has the prospect been without a contact? Without progress in the sales cycle?

These analytics can make a difference in your sales team’s performance. But if your reps don’t record these activities in the CRM as soon as they happen, the analysis can’t be accurate.

Closing the Gap Between Sales Reps and Salesforce.

CRM entries pile up because Reps want to sell. (Isn’t that what you want them to do?) Talking, texting and building relationships—not data entry—are the bread and butter of a successful sales personality.

That’s why a growing number of companies are finding that the best way to keep CRM data from piling up in their reps’ work queues is to make data entry jive with their talk-text-talk-text workflow.

These are companies who run Rollio.

Rollio is the Salesforce.com partner that gives your reps a virtual assistant. After every activity, reps simply tell Rollio what happened, in their own words, and Rollio updates Salesforce.

“Hey, Rollio, I just called Sam Smith at Bing Bang and we scheduled a demo for next Tuesday at 3.”

“How many seats?” Rollio asks. “What’s the expected close date?” “What’s the likelihood of a close?”

Getting the Accurate CRM Data You Need, When You Need it.

Like any good assistant, Rollio asks reps for missing details. Reps answer in their own words and when all the information is in Salesforce, Rollio presents it, in the form of a text, for reps to check.

If there’s a mistake, the rep just instructs Rollio to fix it. “That’s Bing Bang, not Ying Yang.” If it’s easier, the rep can text the correction to Rollio and Rollio will it in Salesforce.

Reps now have no reason to delay Salesforce data entry. They can do it while walking to the car after a meeting. And you get complete, timely accurate information.

That may not be as exciting as catching the Loch Ness Monster, but for a lot of sales managers, it is a Holy Grail.

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