What to Do With Leads Once You Get Them
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Leads. Your company can’t sell or grow without them. They’re like the map to the treasure, the road to selling success. But what if I were to tell you that generating leads is the easy part? That the real work comes in when it’s time to do something with those leads?

Not all leads are ready to buy. In fact, only 50 percent of leads are qualified, so it becomes important to guide your leads through the buying cycle with the goal of closing the deal. How can a sales team do this? Through lead nurturing.

What Is Lead Nurturing?

After you generate leads through whatever means — networking, email subscriptions, landing page forms — it is important to nurture that lead by following up with a series of emails that will guide the lead through the buying cycle.

The key is to send the right emails at the right time by understanding and analyzing your lead data to determine a lead’s buyer persona as well as what stage of the cycle the lead is in. Basically, providing leads with the right content at the right time leads to sales.

Use a Virtual Assistant

What if you have more leads than you can handle? Do you find yourself sifting through leads trying to determine where each one may be in the buying cycle? To help with this and give you back hours and hours of your time, use an AI virtual assistant. With Salesforce, you can collect quality data, increase selling time and maximize your CRM ROI.

How to Get Your Team to Use Salesforce

Your sales team may be used to doing things a certain way. But is it working? Are the products and strategies you are currently using really giving you the biggest bottom line?

If you want to see your sales explode, if you want to see your sales team earning more money for the company and themselves than they ever thought imaginable, it’s time to call a meeting.

With your sales team, take some time to go over the products offered by Rollio, such as an assistant for Salesforce and/or your CRM. Have an open conversation about how your sales team could benefit from an AI virtual assistant, including increased prospecting time.

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