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Is your team yawning at their desk? Is your Sales Manager bouncing off the walls yelling about sale figures? Are you tired of dragging your feet down the street while your competitors jog past in the latest trainers?

Well, have we got the solution for you!

Rollio Sales Assist is just the help you need, with a combination of these four features, you will be bounding past your competitors:

1. Improved User Engagement

When you use Rollio Sales Assistant you will feel like you are speaking to a colleague (the smart one who normally finishes their work before you!). This will drastically reduce your time spent updating systems because all you have to do it talk or text and the system updates everything… yes, everything!

2. Enhanced Pipeline Data

Your new friend, Rollio, will guide and assist you to provide critical sales data, then execute the process. For. You. That’s it! Now you will have richer, more current as well as accurate data.

Don't spend manager 1-on-1 meetings cleaning up salesforce. Anytime a deal's close date is in the past, Rollio will alert reps immediately, suggest a date, and your reps just speak back like they're talking to heir best friend...or assistant.

3. Increased Productivity

Yes! It says what it does on the tin. No more time pecking away at that keyboard , just update on the go. Now get out there and, you guessed it, engage with your customers  so you can drive opportunities to… sell more!

But wait, there’s more!

Rollio sales assist winner

4. Better Forecasts

Sick of crunching numbers and trying to make some sort of sense so that the boss will be happy? Me to! Say goodbye to Excel nightmares and hello to accurate data leads. This means a more transparent sales pipeline and you guessed it, better sales forecasting that directly impacts your company’s performance.

So, there you have it!  Click the Request a Demo button and wave goodbye to those Sunday night blues.

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